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SL Livs is the Sri Lanka’s Best Online promoter for Live Bands. SL Livs provides a platform for (Live Shows mp3) to showcase their talent to reach masses across the internet.

All the audio/visual content on the SL Livs is meant for promotional purpose. The original copyright? is (are) solely owned by the Video Teams /original-artist /record-label.

SL Livs do not wish to make any commercial use of the audio or video published on the website. All the contents are intended to showcase the creativity of the artist involved and is strictly done for promotional purpose.

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SL Livs contains links to own music cloud it'll store audios forever and you can share as well.

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If there is any copyright infringement or the original owner wish to remove any specific copyrighted content from the website, kindly mail us at " liveshowssrilanka[@] "

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